Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ricardo Amaral: VERT Photo Gallery

The first photo from the gallery of Azores (São Miguel island)... Get excited!

Ricardo Amaral, 21 years of age, photographer from Azores (São Miguel) living in Lisbon (Portugal) since his 17, has just got an awesome gallery on the VERT-Mag website. This gallery contains 20 awesome photos with some quality from the guys up here in Azores and also some beautifull landscapes. Ricardo is considered one of the best Photographers of Bodyboard in Portugal. I'm looking forward to get some photos and covers with him in some Bodyboard magazines arround the world in the next years.

Too see the gallery, just go to

Find a gallery that has the name with "Açores". Enjoy!

Ricardo Amaral portrait - North Portugal 2010

Also, if you have an Facebook Acount, just check his "fan page" he just made 2 days ago. Search "Ricardo Amaral - Photographer", "Like" it and keep your eyes on his page with lot of info coming up in the next few days!

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